Friday, January 17, 2014

Running Update & the Warm & Fuzzies

In exactly one week from tomorrow, I am running in a half marathon by the Chicago Lake Front. I am going to be very cold and I am very unprepared. I have not ran over 6 miles in probably 2 months. I might have sneaked 8 in there somewhere but I don't even remember. 

I absolutely know that when I signed up I knew I wouldn't be prepared for this one. I have to remember that when I want to kick my own ass & have thoughts of disowning running next weekend. The reason I did it or planned to do it was to force myself to get a long run in. outside. in the middle of January. Simple as that.

Even though I am okay with just finishing, I have done a few things differently in the last 2 or 3 months which make me wonder if I will finish better than I think I will. So here we go...

Reasons there is a .2% chance I rock this half:

1. I did the squat challenge at work and I have been lifting more weights. 

Since I haven't been able to run as much, I have been building more muscle... which they say is the key to speed??!? Interesting. Read it here.

2. I have VERY rested legs. 

Honestly any other race I have been in my legs were pretty tired. Although I of course tapered before other races, I have tapered for 2 months for this race. That should be interesting.

3. I have carb loaded since Christmas Eve. That is almost a straight month by race day :)

So really only reasons 1 & 2 are real reasons but I guess it will just be interesting to see what happens. Right?? Just pray for me that it isn't in the single digits. 


This weekend my plan is to work on my GEAR page. I mentioned it in a post earlier this week but I want it to be awesome so I am taking my time. I love reading what other runner's love so I hope you do too and if you don't run maybe you will still find something you like on the page :)


And last but not least, my dad signed up for his first half marathon. in May. WITH ME. I wrote about him and running a little bit here.

me being too excited when my dad got his first garmin
Honestly, I could not be more excited. I pray every time I think about him running that he falls in love with it so I have a permanent running buddy... but he might not (I am trying to prepare myself). At least he says that this half may be both his debut & his finale... but if you run you probably agree with me that this is very unlikely. 

Awhile back I asked him to tell me what made him start or at least sign up. What clicked?? I wanted to share it with you all. It took him awhile but I got this in an email yesterday. He didn't exactly say YOU CAN SHARE THIS ON THE BLOG, but too bad :) He melted my heart and I cannot wait to see him cross the finish line. I might cry more than him. 

How to Learn Something Important From Your Daughter
by: My Dad

First, get a job that requires a bunch of travel (poor diet, bad hours, stress), combine that with seeking a graduate degree (no time for exercise) and emerge a stressed, well educated, overweight, human being. Then get an invite from your daughter to be at the finish line for her first half marathon in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.

Accept the invitation and watch a bunch of fit and not-so-fit bodies cross the finish line with a common, easy to recognize, look of total accomplishment on their faces. Music is pumping and smiles are everywhere.
with my mom & dad after my first half

Repeat the process again at Miller Park in Milwaukee, only this time be sure that not only your daughter finishes but your older brother as well. It helps if you and your brother are close in age so you feel a real kick in the butt. 
with my mom & dad after my 3rd half @ miller park
Fast forward to winter and have your daughter invite you out for a run. Knowing time with her is precious, you jump to it, forgetting that you are 53 and stretching might be a good idea. Do some damage to your calf muscle. Work the recovery stuff.

Have her start a running blog, talk too much about wine drinking (do young folks these days not know future employers read these things?), open up about her feelings and stress her love of running.

Belly up to making next year’s Door County half marathon your first and start preparing in advance for the 12 week training regimen you Googled.

If you do so, you’ll get to elliptical to training music on the Ipod Shuffle you figured out how to use (Nickelback – Rockstar – best running song thus far), swim a bit, lift a couple of weights and watch the pounds start to come off. You’ll find yourself watching what you eat and get off the couch much more than you used to. All the while, you won’t give up because you told your little girl you’d be running the Door County half marathon and you know you will not let her down.

Never quit learning especially when you love the source.

How AWESOME is that!? 

I love this blog and I hope that someday I have a platform here to inspire people, but I think it is pretty amazing that I have inspired those close to me. Honestly, I am okay if that is all I ever do. 

Queue the warm & fuzzies.

Love y'all! Happy Friday!!!


  1. You will totally rock this half if you have fun! Having fun is the most important part right?! :) Good luck!

  2. You are going to ROCK it!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    1. Thanks, Tammy!! I am so happy you are back to running now too :)

  3. *tears*

    So so sweet. I know y'all will rock it!

  4. Just found your blog and I'm excited to follow along and see how your half marathon goes. Honestly, this post made me feel better about myself. My husband and I are running our first half in April and I've not even begun preparing and I'm also not a runner. I'm doing it because it was on my personal bucket list and I'll be happy just to finish. Good luck to ya girl!