Tuesday, January 14, 2014

San Francisco {part-two}

On to part two today. If you missed part one yesterday, you can read it here.

I left off telling you about 17 mile drive. On our way back to San Francisco we stopped at the Artichoke Capital of the US, Castroville. Pretty big stuff.

Pezzini is the stop to make. They sell freshly fried artichokes. They are to die for.

You read that right...artichoke cupcakes!!

We bought this soup to go with our dinner that night!

Fresh crab!!!

I had to throw a picture in of my god daughter.
I am not a cat person but I like her a whole lot :)
So for you cat people who read my blog, and have had enough Emma pictures, meet Lilly :)

{Day Three}
The next morning we got up and toured Alcatraz.

I really should have had Jacob guest post about Alcatraz, because he could talk about it all day. 

The history of this place is amazing. I only thought it was a prison but it was so much more.
This is a MUST if you ever visit CA.

The views are pretty great too! 

This is a straight view of San Fran from the island. Can you see the crazy streets!
They are so steep they look like waterfalls.

A former prisoner was there while we were & he was signing his new book. 

I looked him up (see link below)! I think I might have to pick up his book. How crazy right??

The tour on the island is pre-recorded. At first I wasn't sure if I would love that but it was pretty awesome. Prisoners and officers are the narrators and you can pause whenever you want & go through at your own pace.
It was pretty impressive.
After Alcatraz we needed some food. So we headed to the Wharf for clam chowder bread bowls :)

{Day Four}
The next morning we headed to Napa Valley with Lauren & Kyle.

Our first winery was Castello di Amorosa. 

It was beautiful. They only sell their wine there but it is very well known
and they have a close relationship with Disney/Pixar. 

You kind of feel like you are in a story book when you walk up to it
OR that you have been instantly transported to Italy. 

I would be happy to be locked in this dungeon :)

Our private tasting room.

Next stop was Freemark Abbey.
This is where Jacob and I did the most "damage" Freemark's merlot is heaven in a bottle. 

I wish this was an acceptable diet :)

Markham Winery was our third stop. We hit two more after this. BV and Franciscan. Also GREAT stops. 

Please laugh at how ridiculous this picture is. We packed a bag not knowing whether we would stay the night in Napa or not but we ended up going with it. We picked a little inn on the main road and it worked out wonderful.
Check out those cheesy headboards! 

For dinner we hopped around the town of St. Helena. I think we ate calamari 6 times in 6 days :)

{Day Five}
The next day we headed back to the city. We had lunch at Pier 23.
Check out Jake's seafood sandwich !! 
We had some afternoon drinks and the sadness started setting in...we were leaving the next day :(

Our last stop of the evening was Chinatown. 

Jacob got some egg rolls and we all helped devour them.

We had our last dinner together in the Italian section of the city. I have never heard much about this part of the city but it is wonderful and another great place to walk through.

Honestly, I think the best part of where our friends live is how close they are to so many amazing places. On our last full day, we woke up in Napa and by 6 pm we were eating egg rolls on the street in Chinatown. For a Midwestern girl that is pretty exciting. 

Tomorrow back to running on this blog! I have some good ideas for the rest of the week. I might actually fill my gear tab and let you know what I use :)


  1. I am so behind! This looks like a GREAT trip!

  2. UHmazing. All of it. And hey, you, wine! GET IN MY BELLY.