Friday, January 10, 2014


Oh boy.

Tomorrow I turn 26. 

Yep its my BIRfffDAY!!!

Today, November 9, 20I3, I am now 40 years old!  WOW!

I am officially on the back end of my 20s. That feels weird. 

I wanted to share that I feel sad that I have lost my habit of coming here everyday and I hope you will stick with me. 

I made a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 26. You can read them here. I didn't do a great job. I mentioned that here. 

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Busier than the holidays have been, but I am ready to get back on the wagon in all aspects of my life & that includes coming here daily and doing a better job of planning my posts. I really enjoy being a part of this little world. 

So this brings me to my next point. I have some new thoughts for this year. I want to actually really accomplish some changing & since the new year has been veryyy very busy and it is already the 10th I figure I will just start my new year tomorrow. A fresh age. 

Instead of numbering these things I am going to categorize them. I am sick of numbers!!!


I don't want to be unrealistic here (because everyone has bad days, I am bound to have bad days) but there are some simple things I know I can do to make me a happier person. 

First, I want to take a new outlook on my job. I want it to stop affecting me so much and dictating how I feel about other parts of my life. I work with great people and I really enjoy parts of my job but it is just a job. It isn't my life. I work hard and I KNOW I try my best and as with everything else it is all I can do. I need to find a switch this year. When I leave the office I want to "leave".

Secondly, I need to sit down and shut up SOMETIMES :) I need to stop trying to control, plan and figure everything out. I won't even say be present in the current day...that might be even too hard for me! I need to be present in the current week. 

As I have gotten older I feel like the days are just flying by. Recently that has really weighed on me. Probably because I wish half my weeks away planning some other month or figuring out our life plan because of Jacob's choice to go to law school. Everything always works its way out & it will, so I need to just let life be. 


Run as much as possible and never take a single day over the temperature of 30 degrees for granted again!!!!!! Anyone with me ??? GEEZ it is 28 degrees today and I am HOTT. You think I am kidding??? I am not. 


This year I will record every mile I run. I am excited to see the grand total!

I have started getting the side eye from people (i.e. my family). They think I am a running nut even though this nut isn't running much lately and I get it. To other non runners running is weird. But I am done apologizing to people or justifying it. It makes me a better person. Period. I am not apologizing for that. 


I have sat here for 20 minutes trying to think of what to say here. I typed these categories before I filled them in. Being stumped here is kind of sad. I am a little embarrassed. 

I guess finding more ways to connect with my feelings and finding more peace with myself is a goal. I want to forgive myself more and I am not sure if that means going to church, or praying at night, or even ditching the ipod on a run to just really connect with my thoughts but I want to figure out what makes me feel more grounded. That's the goal. 


I want to rock this year as a wife. I bet Jacob will be shocked but tomorrow morning I am going to ask him to tell me three things he would love if I worked on. He probably will say video games and cooking and video games but if he can be serious with me I am kind of excited to know. Have you ever straight up asked your spouse? How bout your best friend? "What would make me a better friend/wife/sister/daughter?" 

I guess its risky. I guess they could hurt your feelings but honestly I already know a lot of my flaws. I think about 'em all the time. I guess I just want to know which ones really bother him. I think that conversation will really stick with me and hopefully I will catch myself more often doing things he doesn't love. 

Lastly, I just want to focus on being more present in my relationships and not being too busy for them. 

How does all that sound?? DO y'all think more about resolutions/goals in the new year or on your birthdays?? 



  1. I think a lot of your goals are things that we all need to work on! Sometimes it is so hard to leave work at work, but life is so much better when you do! I worked on that big time in 2013 and it relieved a lot of stress I didn't realize I had held.

    Being present when being in the company is another that so many are not focused on these days. With smart phones, ipads, and other devices that we are constantly is hard to remember to just put them down and be in the moment!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you :) :) YES! Stress has to go this year! It is almost always a waste of time! :)

  2. Wonderful goals!! Happy birthday, sister!!

  3. Love your goals, birthday girl! Hope it's fabulous!

  4. Great post! Love the idea of asking your spouse things we can work on. I'm grimacing as I type this...but I'm going to ask mine. :-) Thanks!