Wednesday, January 29, 2014

online shopping always makes a Wednesday better

So a few months ago I wrote a post linking you to one of the best online shops!

You can read it here.

2 Vagabonds Imports is my favorite! The girls that run the shop pick up the. best. stuff. from around the world and one of my favorite pieces is a scarf I actually got for Christmas from my Mother in law!

Right now all of their scarves are on sale!!! &&& they have added a number of new jewelry pieces.

I want to talk more about some of my favorite new pieces during Kylie and Emily's link up next week so I will hold off on showing you more, but go see for yourself because now they are featured on my side bar!!! Fancy huh?

I super LOVE their new button!


Erin over at Love, Fun & Football created it. Go check her out toooo :)

Love, fun and football

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  1. Gosh I love you for pimping our linkup :) You are so awesome!