Monday, January 13, 2014

San Francisco {part-one}

No surprise here kids. This will be a major photo dump of our trip last week.... and not too many words. 

Basically if you missed it, my best right sista from another mista, left me last June to live in beautiful California. It was cruel. There were a lot of tears. I try to tempt her back here with copious amounts of beer, cheese, and crappy weather, daily.

AND because I know her soul, she always contemplates the first two promises but then she realizes she can buy beer and cheese in California & now I am forced to visit her & enjoy the sun. How unfortunate, right?

So I had a wonderful trip out there over Labor Day but Jacob couldn't come. Something about money doesn't grow on trees or whatever. But boy did we make up for it this trip. Jacob got the full Northern California experience! We had wonderful weather and made tons of new awesome memories. It was one of those trips that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy and pretty lucky to have great friends (minus the travel issues).

{Day One}
It was kind of a longer travel day than we expected but
it started out right in the airport! Smoked salmon cream cheese pizza!!

But eventually we got there and the first thing we did was picnic at Alamo Square.
Easily I think it is my favorite spot in the city.
& when I say first thing I mean, we got off the plane and went straight there. 

Champagne and SUN.

It really works out for Lauren and I, these two love each other.  

Alamo Square.

Then we did a little driving to show Jake more of the city.

We drove across the Golden Gate.
We stopped at Ghirardelli Square

& then the Buena Vista!!! if you ever go to SF you need to go here.
BEST Irish Coffees. It is what they are known for.

Jacob's first Irish Coffee, Ever.

SADLY I have to pause here and say that dinner was not documented. Jacob and I tried IN & OUT BURGER for the first time. Holy Sh**
If you live near one, I don't know how you could NOT eat there everyday??? Maybe you do? & then I am completely jealous.

{Day Two}

Our second day there started with
6 happy miles in SHORTS!
With views like this :)

Then we headed to Carmel and Monterey for the day!

& We did 17 mile drive.

I love these pictures of Jacob <3

&&&&&& we made the cutest friend. This place makes going to the zoo lame.

That island out ahead of her is just full of seals.
You could hear them all barking.

Besties :) Jacob gagged a little when he saw this.

{Part Two} coming soon...


  1. Looks like such a great time, and I'm loving how the seal was posing for you! :)

    1. It was so cool!! We were just walking along the beach and she was sitting there :) Obviously waiting for her picture to be taken!

  2. What a fun trip! I have always wanted to visit CA, one day I hope to make it out there! The seals. I die. I would probably be arrested for trying to take one home and making it my pet. They are too cute!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! And you ran on vacay!! Like a boss.