Sunday, January 5, 2014

Worst blogger

Gosh. I promised to keep you guys updated/journal our trip to San Francisco this weekend and to probably no one's surprise, I failed miserably. 

Currently I am packing and looking  at a sad friend. I guess at first I came on here to post a quick photo dump of our trip to try and redeem myself from being so MIA since the first of the year, but like usual I started typing and I realized there is a different purpose I am here tonight.

As you get older relationships are a really complicated thing. They shouldn't be but they are. Any way you slice it. Sometimes in such a crazy ass-backwards busy world we just find it easier to not foster, build and nourish great relationships even if they benefit us in so many ways. Sometimes it isn't even a choice...things just change and people fall apart. 

Then there are those people who no matter the miles and days/months/years that pass you will always call eachother family. No blood shared. No like physical appearances. No shared names. It is just purely love that holds you all together and you know that the bond runs deep...Through layers you probably didn't even realize existed. You know for certain you couldn't explain it to anyone else. 

There was a moment earlier today when we were just sitting in a room surrounded by two people who undoubtably are exactly the kind of "family" I just described and I felt so lucky. Although it hurts more than words every time we conclude our time together it is worth every ounce of sadness.

I'm sure you have all heard ... "Friends are just family you choose." 

Well sometimes I make amazing choices...

My "sister"

More to come on our trip :) 

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  1. I loved this and couldn't agree more. As an adult, it has become increasingly hard to maintain friendships but there always seems to be that one friend that you can just pick right up where you left off (even if it's been months since you left off). Happy for you. We all need that friend in our lives! :-)