Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oui Oui

Hmmm so I was going to write about running today but I think I might save it for tomorrow because I tweeted this little gem today and I want to talk about it because...well I do.

 So I am not actively trying to lose weight. Yep I know. Go ahead and hate me. I haven't really shared a lot about my weight or my struggles with weight yet but I promise to be brave enough to do that one day.

Until then though, I want to mention even after you hit your goal you will still have hard days trying to maintain and still struggle. I know hate me again, maybe even a little more this time, with a side eye.
I'll take it, but it is the truth.

You may be thinking "pppshhhh maintenance is probably easier than Miley Cyrus on any given day" and I guess for some maybe it is, but I really don't know a lot of people who are good at maintaining/finding balance. It is going to be a weird, hard switch from losing to just being and then staying there. On top of that it takes a lot of faith in yourself and an ability to be really honest with yourself.

&&&&&& since I mention honesty I should also mention I haven't really been taking great care of myself. I have been eating too much of the good  junk and not enough rich nutritious foods. Between our trip to San Francisco and our Birthdays I have drank indulged way too much and I can feel it. Not really in pounds but bloat, no energy and I am starving when I shouldn't be.

I don't need to diet, but I need to clean it up and falling upon this article {one} made me feel better & {two} gave me some motivation to think differently for a little while. Changing the way we think & keeping it fresh just might be the key to life... or so somebody wise once said.

So apparently if we were kids in France this is what we would think...LET'S DISCUSS, shall we???

1. Eat, but not all day long.
Three meals a day. Stop the snacking! When mealtimes roll around, you eat with real pleasure because you’re hungry.
Hmmmm. I don't know about you but I am a snacker. It does not help that Jacob and I never eat meals together during the week. This has been going well for me for awhile. I eat all day long because I have no real reason to "save room for dinner" but maybe changing it up and eating real meals with real food would be a nice change of pace.Challenge accepted.
2. Eat real foods and generous portions.
Consuming three meals a day without grazing in between means you can eat well when you sit down at the table — and that includes a starter, main course, cheese and dessert. Portions are generous without going overboard. 
YEP. I can do this, especially if CHEESE is a course :)
3. Choose water.
Supposedly the French don't drink their calories. I already aim not to either. I have started to add lemon juice to my water especially in the morning and at night. Talk about instantly feeling better?!?!? It is a weird trick. Try it.  
4. Sit down.
It’s rare to see people eating while walking or shopping. There are no cup holders on caddies, or even in most cars. You eat at the table, not in front of the TV or computer screen, then you leave the table and do something else.
Hmm. I am totally guilty here. I need to change this. 
5. Eat lighter at night.
Lunchtime is the main event. Dinner should be light: soups, salads, an omelet, a simple pasta dish. Dessert might be a yogurt or fruit. And you sleep so much better.
I know I am winning here because of my snacking issues. I don't leave room for big dinners because I eat all day at work, but I 100 percent agree & think I should keep this up. Even on weekends, Jacob and I are known for HUGE lunches. It is usually when we go out to eat anyways. Night time is usually something lighter. 
It makes sense.
6. When the kitchen closes, it's CLOSED.
I need to work on this on the weekends. THAT is for sure.
7. Know your limit, then stop.
Set eating times help you tune in to when you are really hungry or full.
Key words here are probably TUNE IN. I could definitely do better. 
8. Taste your food, guess the ingredients.
The French don’t just like to eat fabulous food and drink wonderful wine, they love to talk about it. Discussing how something tastes, its ingredients and how it was made heightens awareness; children love to join the conversation. They learn about real food and where it comes from.
I love everything about this number. Food is just food, but at the same time it can be viewed as almost an art form. Meals shouldn't be fast and you shouldn't become obsessive, but food should be fun & interesting. I like the description above A LOT.
9. Get cooking!
This is obvious. We should be eating real food that WE prepare. I need to ditch the frozen stuff. This is a big one I need to work on. Jacob would agree.
10. Eating well is not a sin; it's a pleasure.
Eating great food — no matter how simple or how elaborate — is one of life’s great pleasures, not an endless guilt trip. Especially when it's in moderation. 
AMEN!!!! If you want any piece of advice from me (even though I need to be taking my own advice half the time) it is that you should enjoy what you are putting in your mouth. You can make substitutions for things to make your life a little healthier but check your quantity before your quality. 

What are your thoughts??? 

Bon Appetit, Chickens!

Source and Article Referenced was written by: Rebeca Plantier 


  1. I'm totally guilty about not eating at the table. I'm either eating on the couch or in the car....true story.

    1. Gosh me too!! The only time I sit at our table is when guests are at our house. Pretty sad :(

  2. OMG I need all of this advice!!!