Friday, January 24, 2014

I surrender

I am really really sad but I think this half marathon just wasn't meant to be. 

5 short days ago it was supposed to be 30 and sunny tomorrow morning. Now it is going to be NEGATIVE 15 degree windchill and 20 mph winds. 

I hate to say it but I am surrendering to the weather and choosing not to drive two hours to race in the morning.

Honestly, I have tried to be positive all week but I realized leaving work today that it was 10 degrees warmer than it will be tomorrow and I could barely walk to my car without wanting to die. If you don't live in a northern state, I realize this might sound ridiculously dramatic, but it actually hurts to breath right now outside. Running is supposed to be something that is fun for me and tomorrow just couldn't possibly be fun. 

So I moped upstairs tonight after calling my mom to tell her I wasn't running...because I am still 12 years old and need to run big decisions by her, and I saw my bib and shirt for tomorrow ...
They were just laying on our bed and it hit me that I spent money and committed to running 13 miles tomorrow & dammit I am going to. 

I immediately called Jake and asked if he felt like standing next to a treadmill for two hours tomorrow morning with a motivational poster and camera. 

He obviously said no!! you crazy loser! but he will be going to the gym with me :)

So Monday no race recap but I will tell you all the details of what it is like to run 13 miles on a treadmill...unless you have already done this before... Than you are a freaking beast and leave me some tips :) 

Happy Weekend !!


  1. oh my goodness, girl. that is pretty awesome, i have to say. the longest i've run on the mill is 20, and it was rough but i did it. YOU CAN DO IT!! i'm sorry about the race, though. that's such a bummer.

    1. That is crazy awesome that you have got through 20!!!!! Holy wow! Thank you so much for the encouragement :) :)

  2. Oh no! So sorry about the weather! What a freakin' bummer! Do a recap off your treadmill run! :)

  3. That sucks about the weather!! Big time. And I totally agree- I would not be caught dead running in that type of cold. Ouch! And honestly, 13 miles on a treadmill sounds super impressive because in my opinion, running on a treadmill for that long is soooo much harder because you don't have other people and other sights to occupy yourself. I always feel like I'm a rat in a wheel and become so bored that I never make it past an hour! Keep us updated!! :)

  4. Treadmill recap! I hate the dreadmill :(